Imagine a system that tells you where your business is at using live data …here and now.

As a business owner, you know that your accounting system forms an integral part of your business but for some the thought of tracking their income and expenses makes them cringe when they see their shoe-box of receipts [or in some cases a suitcase full of receipts, and I would agree that a shoe-box or suitcase full of receipts is definitely cringe worthy].

Your accounting system helps you to run a successful business, without it you are like a pilot in a fog. Without any instruments to see altitude, speed, or direction, you’re flying blind. So why would you run your business blind folded?

What if I told you, that you CAN track your income & expenses seamlessly? See at a glance how much cash is in your bank, what money is owed to you and how much you owe suppliers. What if you could cut your time entering data by 70% or trying to work out exactly where your business finances are? What if you could seamlessly

have your POS system talk to your accounting system [have them talk to each other behind the scenes using API technology]. How about giving your customers every opportunity to pay their invoice online wth a click of a button. Imagine collaborating with others in your business whilst you’re in London or New York…you can see what they see.

Imagine a system that tells you where your business is at using  live  data …here and now.

You can stop imagining because that technology is here and now!

Stop shuffling receipts and embrace cloud technology.

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