Make your bank rec your morning ritual…

Make your bank rec your morning ritual by logging onto Xero’s app.  Get a clear picture of where your business is at anywhere, anytime.

Your bank reconciliation is important as this shows you what your cash position is at any given point in time. With Xero, you can get automatic bank feeds that directly link your bank account to the accounting software, allowing you to seamlessly reconcile whilst having your morning latte.

Cash is king, so getting on top of your bank reconciliation is important.

Go mobile with Xero Touch

What I love about Xero is that I can access my clients books – anywhere, anytime using their app. I love that I can be out having a coffee at my favourite Cafe before heading to the office and can easily see a client’s cash position.

If a client rings me whilst I’m out of the office, I have no issues with this! With Xero Touch I can log on with one touch and be looking at exactly what the client is looking at, answer his queries, provide timely advice and be connected with him.

Use Xero Touch to manage your business while you’re on the move. Reconcile, send invoices and create expense claims – anywhere, anytime.

Your connected advisor…

Here at Entrepreneurs Accountant, we take a fresh approach to accounting. We use what we believe is the best cloud accounting software to assist entrepreneurs and business owners run their business BETTER and FASTER.

Xero Touch – the mobile app for entrepreneurs and business owners on the go!

Find out how Xero and EA can reduce the amount of time you spend on your books and take on a fresh approach to accounting. Try Xero for FREE! Click here

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