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Welcome to Entrepreneuers Accountant, where we provide a unique approach to business coaching, advisory, and all things relating to GROWING your BUSINESS

Business Coach, Advisor and Mentor.

Charisse Russell is the CEO & Founder of EA. Her passion lies in guiding, educating, training and mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners to SUCCEED [both in their personal lives + business].

Charisse shares her unique approach + life experience. Having started three businesses…she knows what it takes to SUCCEED!

Imagine an Accountant that...

Guides, educates, trains and mentors you as you GROW your business. 

Imagine having someone that LOVES numbers but gets the struggles of being an Entrepreneur and Business Owner [because she is one herself].

Imagine having a TRUSTED advisor on your team that honestly and openly provides REAL and on time advice. Will tell you if you’re on the right track OR gets real with you and tells you if things are not going well.

There is no judgement…only advice [+ hard work and actionable plans] that will Get you RESULTS!

About Us...

Entrepreneurs Accountant is a boutique consulting firm with heart and soul. Our core value and purpose is to EMPOWER people through KNOWLEDGE. We do this by assisting our clients to gain the CONFIDENCE they need to run a SUCCESSFUL business…we set realistic GOALS and we provide REAL TIME advice.

We are more than just Accountants…we are your Business Coach, Connected Advisor and Mentor!

SMEs most wanted Advisory Solutions

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there”. [Yogi Berra]

Our successful clients focus on what is vitally important and make changes to improve their position. Recent research^ found that 40% of business owners are working to increase their own business expertise by investing in their personal training and development. They are also seeking out external support, using their networks, mentors and professional advisors to support their goals.

AND that’s what were are passionate about here at Entrepreneurs Accountant…supporting YOUR and OUR clients G O A L S.

There are different ways of measuring success, but in the recent research^ into SMEs, it was observed that two key constants in business are – confidence and accountability.

Confidence is needed to maintain the effort to change, and overcome resistance to change. We help our clients to believe in their goals and trust in the plan to reach them.

Accountability is key to successful implementation of your plan. Plans only ever work when individuals take responsibility for making it happen and we get it, sometimes this is easier said than done but our EA Coaching Program provides actionable and detailed tasks to achieve your goal. We touch base with clients on a regular basis to ensure that they complete milestones within a given period.

S U C C E S S F U L  Business owners have an advisor, who has the expertise to help with solutions to their concerns: “the essential advisor”.

^ bstar SME research report 2017/18 executive summary 

Look No Further. Get Started Today and contact us for a 1-on-1 consultation!

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